How do i choose my material

How do I choose my material?

Beginner range

“Beginner” skiers or skiers in a learning period will favor the “initiation” range, which will provide them with safety, maneuverability, stability and comfort, for a reassuring practice.

They will use these skis mainly on the “green” and “blue” slopes of the ski area.

Leisure range

“Intermediate” skiers have at least one week of skiing under their belt. They are looking for versatile and tolerant skis, to correct the few technical faults that still appear in their practice.

They also evolve on the “red” slopes of the area, but at a rather moderate speed.

This type of skier is looking for an “evolutionary” ski and is considering technical improvement. It will then move towards our “leisure” range.

Dynamic Range

“Experienced” skiers are looking for performance across the entire ski area.

They ski at high speed, are technically comfortable and are demanding on their equipment, which must provide them with stability at high speed, responsiveness when changing direction and technicality depending on the type of snow.

The “confirmed” skier is looking for pleasure and sensations and will naturally move towards the “dynamic” range.

Premium range

“Expert” skiers know their strengths, desires and ambitions perfectly.

Mastering all the techniques of skiing, they will naturally move towards the “premium” range.

But in addition to a high-performance and technical ski, they want a ski perfectly adapted to their practice.

They will prefer “wide” skis for powder snow or freeriding, versatile and technical (“All-mountain”) skis for practice adapted to most snow conditions encountered in the ski area, or even very incisive and efficient for “cut” turns (turns where skidding does not occur), as required by the practice of high-performance downhill skiing (or “racing”).